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Important Books and their Authors

  • Question 31. Who is author of the book Sursagar?
  • Answer: Surdas.

  • Question 32. Who has written Sahityalahari?
  • Answer: Surdas

  • Question 33. In Custody, an English novel was written by
  • Answer: Anita Desai

  • Question 34. Confession of a Lover was written by
  • Answer: Mulk Raj Anand

  • Question 35. Names of the famous books written by Kabirdas
  • Answer: Bijak, Ramayani, Sabar

  • Question 36. Who is author of Cricket My Style?
  • Answer: Kapil Dev

  • Question 37. Continent of Crime is a book written by
  • Answer: Nirad C. Chaudhary. Other books written by Nirad are Hinduism, Autobiography of an Unknown Indian

  • Question 38. Names of the famous books Written by Kuldeep Nayyar are
  • Answer: The Judgement, Distant Neighbours, India, The Critical Years, In Jail, India after Nehru, Between the Lines

  • Question 39. Who is author of Novel Death of a City?
  • Answer: Amrita Pritam.

  • Question 40. Who has written Life Divine?
  • Answer: Sri Aurobindo Ghosh. he also wrote Essays on Gita.

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