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Important Books and their Authors

  • Question 11. Who is author of the book Mitakshara?
  • Answer: Vigyaneshwar

  • Question 12. Who has written Daybhag?
  • Answer: Jeemootwahan

  • Question 13. Natural History was written by
  • Answer: Plini

  • Question 14. Arthashastra was written by
  • Answer: Kautilya

  • Question 15. Names of the famous books written by Dandi
  • Answer: Avanti Sundari, Dashkumarcharitam

  • Question 16. Who is author of Buddha Charitam?
  • Answer: Ashwagosh

  • Question 17. Kadambari is a book written by
  • Answer: Baba Bhatt

  • Question 18. Names of the famous books Written by Ved Vyas are
  • Answer: Bhagwat Gita, Mahabharata

  • Question 19. Who is author of book Shahnama?
  • Answer: Firdausi

  • Question 20. Who has written Amarkosh?
  • Answer: Amar Singh

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