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Important Books and their Authors

  • Question 1. Who is author of the book Panchatantra?
  • Answer: Pandit Vishnu Sharma

  • Question 2. Who has written Prem Vatika?
  • Answer: Raskhan

  • Question 3. Mudra Rakshas was written by
  • Answer: Vishakhadatta

  • Question 4. Ashtadhyayi was written by
  • Answer: Panini

  • Question 5. Names of the famous books written by Kalidas
  • Answer: Raghuvansham, Kumarsambhavam, Meghdootam, Abhigyanshakuntalam

  • Question 6. Who is author of Unhappy India?
  • Answer: Lala Lajpat Rai

  • Question 7. Kama Sutra is a book written by
  • Answer: Vatsyayana

  • Question 8. Name of the book Written by Shudrak is
  • Answer: Mrichhakatikam

  • Question 9. Who is author of book Geet Govind?
  • Answer: Jayadev

  • Question 10. Who has written Rajtarangini?
  • Answer: Kalhana

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