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Largest in world

1.Largest bird in the worldOstrichAverage mass: 104 kg
2.Largest city in the world (Population)Tokyo37.6 million residents as of 2014
3.Largest city in the world ( Urban Land Area)New York11,600 square kilometres
4.World Densest City(Population by Area)Dhaka, Bangladesh44,000 per square kilometre
5.Largest country in the world (by Area)Russia17,098,242 square kilometres
6.Largest country in the world (by Population)China1.357 billion as of 2015
7.Largest coral formationThe Great Barrier Reef Australia
8.Largest dam in the worldGrand Coulee - Concrete Dam USA
9.Largest Desert in the worldSahara, Africa84,00,000 sq. km
10.Largest diamondThe CullinanOver 1.5 lb.
11.Largest islandGreenlandrenamed Kalaatdlit Nunnat
12.Largest Lake (Artificial)Lake Mead(Bouler)
13.Largest Lake (Natural)Caspian Sea371,000 sq. km
14.Largest Lake (salt water)Caspian Sea
15.Largest Lake (fresh water)Lake Superior, USA
16.Largest Mosque in the worldJama Masjid, Delhi10000 sq. ft
17.Largest PalaceImperial Palace GugongBeijing, China
18.Largest ParkNational Park, Greenland
19.Largest PlanetJupiter
20.Largest PeninsulaArabia32,50,000 sq. km.

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