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  • Lets Discuss the top ten people who ruled the world in year 2014.
  • Explanation: As per Forbes ranking of most powerful people of year 2014, Forbes has ranked 72 most powerful people from the 7.2 billion people in the world who just rule.

  • #1. Vladimir Putin
    Current Russian President

  • #2. Barack Obama
    Current USA President

  • #3. Xi Jinping
    Current President People's Republic of China
    General Secretary Communist Party of China
    Chairman Central Military Commission

  • #4. Pope Francis
    Bishop of Rome, Roman Catholic Church

  • #5. Angela Merkel
    Chancellor, Germany

  • #6. Janet Yellen
    Chair, Federal Reserve, Washington, United States

  • #7. Bill Gates
    Cofounder, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • #8. Mario Draghi
    President, European Central Bank

  • #9. Sergey Brin
    Cofounder, Director Of Special Projects, Google

  • #9. Larry Page
    CEO, Google

  • Note: Narendra Modi Prime Minister, India got #15 rank

  • Apart from this overall rank, Forbes also announces some sub categories like
    Youngest most powerful person is Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook) who is aged 30 has secured overall #22 rank.
    Oldest most powerful person is Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud(aged 90, King Saudi Arabia)
    Most powerful woman in world is Angela Merkel(Chancellor, Germany).

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