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Important Lifestyle Questions

  • Question: what are the ten ways to live Happy?
  • Answer: Happiness is a feeling which you can not buy from somewhere but it comes from your inside. By an activity, you can get happy but it is not sure that by the same activity others will also get happy. So it depends upon person to person that what actually make them happy.
  • 1. Explore your self and check the things which make you happy. Do not ask others but ask yourself "what I need the most at this time" and try to get the same done.
  • 2. Live on the principal of "Live Now". It states that do not think about to enjoy in future but enjoy the present.
  • 3. Follow your dream goals. This will give you satisfaction from your inside that you are getting closer to your goals.
  • 4.Be Optimistic. Think positively. Always think that scene will change soon and you will be able to do a particular task.
  • 5.Be in your pant. Being positive and having confidence is good. But do not have over confidence. Think about the possibilities which you can actually do some way. For example if your age is 60 yrs and you are a teacher of geography and you make your aim to be project director in NASA. Then its quiet impossible thing which will only give you non-satisfaction.
  • 6. Get help from people if you need it. Do not be so high attitude character that you stay hungry without food. If you do not have, ask for it.

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