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Most Important GK Questions & Answers 22

Most Important GK Questions & Answers are the Questions and Answers taken from various previous exams like SSC CHSCL, SSC LDC, NDA, CDS exam, AFCAT exam, UPSC exam, IBPS exams, CTET exam and other competitive exams.

SSC Most Asked GK Questions Answers

  • 134. Which one of the following places in our country is a "Cold Desert"? [CTET 2015]
    A ) Darjeeling
    B ) Jaisalmer
    C ) Laddakh
    D ) Meghalaya
    Answer: Laddakh

  • 135. Which one of the following matches is not a correct way of food preservation? [CTET 2015 ]
    A ) Raw mango - Pickle
    B ) Potato - Chips
    C ) Milk - Paneer
    D ) Apple - Jam
    Answer: Milk - Paneer

  • 136. Which one of the following is not a seed? [CTET 2015 ]
    A) Aniseed
    B) Wheat
    C) Black Pepper
    D) Sago(Sabudana)
    Answer: Sago(Sabudana)

Most Important GK questions & Answers 22

SSC General Knowledge Questions Answers

  • 137. Rehana goes to Kerala along with her family. There she sees tall trees which are very different from those in her hometown, Shimla. Which trees could she have seen in Kerala? [CTET 2015 ]
    A) Pine
    B) Coconut
    C) Apple
    D) Lichi
    Answer: Coconut

  • 138. Two sarees which are exclusively made in Andhra Pradesh are [CTET 2015 ]
    A) Kalamkari and Kantha
    B) Pochampally and Kalamkari
    C) Pochampally and Kanjivaram
    D) Kalamkari and Chanderi
    Answer: Pochampally and Kalamkari

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Most Important GK Questions and Answers

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