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Important GK Questions 32

Important GK Questions are the Questions and Answers taken from various previous exams like SSC CHSCL, SSC LDC, NDA, CDS exam, AFCAT exam, UPSC exam, IBPS exams, CTET exam and other competitive exams.

Most Asked GK Questions Answers

  • 173. World Press Photo of the Year 2016 award has been conferred upon which of the following?
    A ) David Guttenfelder
    B ) Warren Richardson
    C ) Rohan Kelly
    D ) Chen Jie
    Answer: Warren Richardson

  • 174. World Press Photo of the Year 2015 award was conferred upon which of the following?
    A ) Walter Scheles
    B ) Warren Richardson
    C ) Mads Nissen
    D ) Chen Jie
    Answer: Mads Nissen

  • 175. Indian Railways’s Khurja junction is situated in which of the following state ?
    A) Uttar Pradesh
    B) Haryana
    C) Karnataka
    D) Maharashtra
    Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Important GK questions 32


General Knowledge Questions Answers

  • 176. Mughal Painting reached its zenith during the time of
    A) Shahjahan
    B) Akbar
    C) Jahangir
    D) Aurangzeb
    Answer: Jahangir

  • 177. Which of the following combination associated with Budhha's life is incorrect?
    A) Birth - Lotus
    B) Enlightenment - Bodhi Tree
    C) Renunciation - Wheel
    D) Death - Stupa
    Answer: Renunciation - Wheel

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Important GK Questions

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