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Important GK Questions 26

Important GK Questions are the Questions and Answers taken from various previous exams like SSC CHSCL, SSC LDC, NDA, CDS exam, AFCAT exam, UPSC exam, IBPS exams, CTET exam and other competitive exams.

Most Asked GK Questions Answers

  • 143. The most abundant enzyme in the living world is
    A ) Rubisco
    B ) Invertase
    C ) DNAse
    D ) Zymase
    Answer: Rubisco

  • 144. X-rays region lies between
    A ) Ultraviolet and visible region
    B ) Visible and infra-red region
    C ) Gamma-rays and ultraviolet region
    D ) Short radio waves and long radio waves
    Answer: Gamma-rays and ultraviolet region

  • 145. A star appears twinkling in the sky because of
    A) scattering of light by atmosphere
    B) reflection of light by atmosphere
    C) refraction of light by atmosphere
    D) diffraction of light by atmosphere
    Answer: refraction of light by atmosphere

Important GK questions 26


General Knowledge Questions Answers

  • 146. Materials for rain proof coasts and tents owe their water proof properties to
    A) Surface tension viscosity
    B) Specific gravity
    C) Erythrose sugar
    D) Elasticity
    Answer: Surface tension viscosity

  • 147. Icons are ___ commands.
    A) typed
    B) verbal
    C) picture
    D) imaginary
    Answer: picture

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Important GK Questions

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