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Important GK Questions 25

Important GK Questions are the Questions and Answers taken from various previous exams like SSC CHSCL, SSC LDC, NDA, CDS exam, AFCAT exam, UPSC exam, IBPS exams, CTET exam and other competitive exams.

Most Asked GK Questions Answers

  • 138. The significant quantity of the upper soil is formed by
    A ) Igneous rock
    B ) Sedimentary rock
    C ) Metamorphic rock
    D ) Biological degradation
    Answer: Sedimentary rock

  • 139. Who coined the term 'gene'?
    A ) Mendel
    B ) Johannsen
    C ) Dhanushkodi
    D ) Beadle
    Answer: dead and decaying material

  • 140. RBCs do not perform aerobic respiration because these do not contain
    A) Mitochondria
    B) Nucleus
    C) Endoplasmic Reticulum
    D) Lysosomes
    Answer: Mitochondria

Important GK questions 25


General Knowledge Questions Answers

  • 141. A cross between homozygous recessive and heterozygous plant is
    A) Back cros
    B) Test cross
    C) Monohybrid cross
    D) Dihybrid cross
    Answer: Test cross

  • 142. DNA contains
    A) Pentose sugar
    B) Hexose sugar
    C) Erythrose sugar
    D) Sedoheptulose sugar
    Answer: Pentose sugar

Important GK questions 24|Important GK questions 26

Important GK Questions

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