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Important GK Questions 15

Important GK Questions are the Questions and Answers taken from various previous exams like SSC CHSCL, SSC LDC, NDA, CDS exam, AFCAT exam, UPSC exam, IBPS exams, CTET exam and other competitive exams.

Most Asked GK Questions Answers

  • 88. India's first atomic reactor was
    A ) Zerlina
    B ) Dhruva
    C ) Kamini
    D ) Apsara
    Answer: Apsara

  • 89. The system of Public Interest Litigation has been introduced in India [SCRA Exam 2015]
    A ) through Constitutional Amendment
    B ) by judicial initiative
    C ) by judicial review of Article 32
    D ) by a Parliamentary Act
    Answer: by judicial review of Article 32

  • 90. India's first ocean wave's energy project was launched in
    A) 1981
    B) 1995
    C) 1991
    D) 2000
    Answer: 1991

Important GK questions 15


General Knowledge Questions Answers

  • 91. On which one among the following rivers, Tilaiya dam is constructed? [SCRA Exam 2015]
    A) Barakar river
    B) Konar river
    C) Hooghly river
    D) Barak river
    Answer: Barakar river

  • 92. India's tallest stone statue of the Jain sage Gomateswara is at
    A) Mysore, Karnakata
    B) Sravanabelagola, Karnataka
    C) New Delhi
    D) Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
    Answer: Sravanabelagola, Karnataka

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Important GK Questions

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