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Section A General Awareness

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Question 1. Which Amendment to our constitution added Ninth Schedule?
A > 1st Amendment
B > 7th Amendment
C > 9th Amendment
D > None of these
Answer: 1st Amendment

Question 2. Natyashastra, in which all performing arts are well structured is a work of?
A > Bhavabhooti
B > Bhasa
C > Bharatamuni
D > Kalidasa
Answer: Bharatamuni

Question 3. December 22, the day on which genius Srinivas Ramanujan was born would be celebrated as?
A > National Members Day
B > National Mathematics Day
C > Numerical Mathematics Day
D > National Science Day
Answer: National Mathematics Day

Question 4. Myanmar is the new name of
A > Mali
B > Bali
C > Burma
D > Bhutan
Answer: Burma

Question 5. Ashwaghosha who lived in the court of king _______ wrote Buddhacharita
A > Kanishka
B > Babar
C > Vikramiditya
D > Ashoka
Answer: Kanishka


Question 6. The capital city of Chalukya was
A > Srirangapatna
B > Badami
C > Madhurai
D > Kanchipuram
Answer: Badami

Question 7. The original inhabitants of India were
A > Sikhs
B > Mughals
C > Dravidians
D > Christians
Answer: Dravidians

Question 8. _________ was the sculptor of Indian Foreign Policy.
A > Mahatma Gandhi
B > KM Munshi
C > BR Ambedkar
D > Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Question 9. Security Council of UNO consists of ______ permanent members.
A > 3
B > 4
C > 5
D > 6
Answer: 5

Question 10. The first Railway train in India ran in 1853 from Bombay to
A > Thane
B > Poona
C > Nagpur
D > Ahemdabad
Answer: Thane


Question 11. Which state is called the "Cradle of Buddhism"?
A > Sikkim
B > Bihar
C > UP
D > MP
Answer: Bihar

Question 12. Who is regarded as the pioneer of White Revolution in India?
A > Dhirubhai Ambani
B > Varghese Kurien
C > Swaminathan
D > S.K. Birla
Answer: Varghese Kurian

Question 13. The Asian games are organised after every ____ years.
A > 5
B > 2
C > 3
D > 4
Answer: 4

Question 14. Who wrote the line "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever"?
A > P.B.Shelley
B > William Wordsworth
C > John Keats
D > Robert Browning
Answer: John Keats

Question 15. When an object is placed between two mirrors placed parallel to each other,how many images will be formed?
A > 2
B > 4
C > 6
D > Infinite
Answer: Infinite


Question 16. BJP President Amith shah named BS Yediyurappa EX CM of Karnataka as ______ of BJP.
A > National General Secretary
B > National Vice President
C > Secretary
D > Spokesman
Answer: National Vice President

Question 17. Prime Minister Modi dedicated warship ______ to the nation and inducted it officially to the Naval Force on 16-8-2014.
A > INS Kolkata
B > INS Mumbai
C > INS Kochi
D > INS Chennai
Answer: INS Kolkata

Question 18. India's 29th State is
A > Andhra Pradesh
B > Telangana
C > Odisha
D > Jharkhand
Answer: Telangana

Question 19. In making the saffron spice, which one of the following parts of the plant is used?
A > Leaf
B > Petal
C > Sepal
D > Stigma
Answer: Stigma

Question 20. Mahamastakabhisheka, a great religious event is associated with and done for
A > Bahubali
B > Buddha
C > Mahavir
D > Nataraja
Answer: Bahubali


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